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Acne therapy

Acne is a skin condition that affects 80% of adolescents. However, this pathology is observed in middle-aged people. It manifests itself in the form of rashes on the skin of the face, back, chest. Acne is a problem that leads to cosmetic defects, leaving scars on the skin. Subsequently, this can lead to psychological disorders.

The most common causes of acne are:

  • hormonal activity;
  • heredity;
  • microorganisms;
  • overactive sebaceous glands;
  • skin damage.

Lack of or improper acne treatment can lead to skin pigmentation (post-acne) or scarring.

One of the modern treatments for acne is laser therapy. During the procedure, the laser has a powerful antibacterial effect, relieving inflammation on the skin. Laser therapy is also indicated for congestive, purulent forms of acne. This treatment can shorten the course of taking antibiotics or avoid it.

How is laser therapy performed?

Clinical studies have proven the effectiveness of laser therapy in the treatment of acne. The laser beam, penetrating deep into the skin, when it reaches a high temperature, destroys the place where most bacteria have accumulated. This is a gentle procedure as laser beams do not injure tissue.

In addition, the laser also has an antibacterial effect, since it destroys the proteins of the bacterial walls. The high speed of laser action on problem areas of the skin reduces the duration of acne therapy.

The use of laser therapy in the treatment of acne accelerates the healing process and prevents the formation of new inflammations.


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