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Endospheres Therapy for the face.

Endospheres Therapy for the face

Endospheres Therapy is the excellent way to treat not only the body's condition but also treat the facial condition.  It is a skin peeling and a massage at the same time. You will be able to see results even after the first procedure: facial reconstruction and tightness of the skin.

  • rise of cheekbones
  • smoothing of nasolabial folds
  • accentuation of the oval of your face
  • lifting of the neck
  • reduction of wrinkles on forehead

This therapy helps you achieve similar effects to Botox, but without using injections.

In addition, the Endosphere device heats the facial skin by 2 degrees and promotes the production of collagen. It furthermore improves the skin tone, makes it softer and tighter, returning the healthy appearance.

We recommend a package of 8 to 10 procedures to achieve the best long-term results, depending on the individual skin problems.

Age-related and facial wrinkles will noticeabley reduce and the treatment restores the skin tone as well as the microcirculation in the tissues .

Services Time Price
Massage 35 min 135 CHF
Massage 45 min 170 CHF

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Our packages provide a great opportunity to spend time effectively in a healthy way for your body, and at the same time enables you to save a lot of money.


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