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The quick pedicure

The Pedicure is the step by step manipulation giving a neat perfect look to the foot skin and nails.

The regular treatment of the feet relieves the fatigue and eliminates the occurrence of skin diseases and also prevents the deformation of the feet.

If under time pressure, a qick pedicure can already help.

A regular hardware pedicure is a longer procedure that includes:

  • the treating feet with an antiseptic
  • soaking the the feet in a bath with special oils and compositions
  • edging or hardware processing of old residual skin
  • cuticle treatment
  • adjustment of length and shape of the nails
  • covering nails with varnish and creating an individual nail design
  • occasionally, the classic pedicure is accompanied by a foot massage
  • the final step is a moisturizing cream and oil rub

Express pedicure excludes the procedure with a bath:

  • the feet skin is treated with special homemade or purchased softening express products
  • removal of old skin leather with the help of acidic preparations, removing the keratinized tissue with a soft cloth or using hardware prostheses for treating the feet
  • the cuticle is softened and removed
  • the shape of the nail is corrected and reformed
  • finally, a decorative varnish is selected
Services Price
Classic 80 CHF
Nail-Gel 60 CHF
French 70 CHF
Gel Polish 40 CHF

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