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Diode Laser Hair Removal

Smooth legs, armpits, arms, hairless bikini line are the norm in our society. However, most girls still use the old methods of dealing with body hair, which often leads to irritation and small wounds. You can avoid this by resorting to an improved method - laser hair removal with a diode laser.

Most patients suffer from chin inflammation or ingrown hairs on the arms, legs, and even in the bikini area. Epilation with a diode laser has been used in cosmetology clinics for several years as the best method of dealing with body hair. In addition, it is used even for the most difficult hair and skin types.

Diode laser is a relatively new but also the most effective way to permanently remove hair. Its main advantages:

  • long-term effect;
  • painlessness;
  • the ability to use in difficult situations.

The pulse emitted by the diode laser penetrates deep into the hair root for a long-lasting result. The powerful effect of the diode rays destroys the hair root, as a result of which it cannot give hair growth. However, only specially trained specialists should carry out such work.

In the Express Beauty salon, such a procedure will be provided by qualified cosmetologists who work with devices for laser hair removal.

To achieve 100% hair removal, it is necessary to carry out up to six laser hair removal sessions with a diode laser.


Services Price
Face 200 CHF
Armpits 120 CHF
Breasts 150 CHF
Completely arms 350 CHF
1/2 arms 200 CHF
Belly 120 CHF
Bikini line 160 CHF
Brazil bikini 131 (240) CHF
Buttocks 200 CHF
1/2 legs 250 CHF
Completely legs 167 (500) CHF
Full body laser hair removal 285 (750) CHF
Neck 150 CHF
Back 350 CHF
Upper lips 100 CHF

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