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Features of the HIFU 3D rejuvenation procedure

HIFU 3D rejuvenation is an effective risk-free innovative method of rejuvenating the skin and soft tissues of the face. It works similarly to a "muscle corset".

This technique allows to:

  • get rid of sagging skin on face and body;

  • treat the effects of double chin;

  • reduce blackhead and pores;

  • tighten your cheeks;

  • emphasize the natural facial shape and improve the contour of the lower jaw;

  • get rid of puffiness, bags and black circles below the eyes;

  • smooth forehead and naturally tighten your muscles instead of using Botox.

HIFU rejuvenation is painless and doesn’t require special preparation. You will enjoy a long-term and effective result. Compared to plastic surgery, this is a safe solution with no additional risks. There is no need to undergo long rehabilitation, there are no adverse effects.

This technique is unparalleled as it is the only non-invasive method that influences different levels of the skin. There is no need for rehabilitation after the HIFU rejuvenation. As a norm, the procedure is performed once with a cumulative effect over 4-12 weeks. You might need fine tuning after 3 or 4 months, depending on your expectations and age. The result usually lasts from 1 to 1.5 years.

The procedure using this method is carried out in 30-90 minutes (depending on the treated area).

Important point about the HIFU 3D rejuvenation method:

  • No use of substances.

  • No surgical intervention.

  • No rehabilitation period


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